Custom Welding & Fabrication

Custom Welding & Fabrication

The team at Ironmonger Fabrications specialise in all aspects of customised metal welding and fabrication and can assist with stainless steel, aluminium or mild sheet metal work. Our qualified fitters and welders can satisfy client specifications and expectations, ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget.

We can assist with all metal welding projects (including pipe, aluminium, carbon steel or custom welding) and we can also tend to all aspects of metal fabrication, including stainless steel fabrication. Our staff can quote, schedule, supervise and manage your project, supplying equipment and personnel, and providing customised products and solutions. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your high-quality, precision welding and fabrication requirements.


Ironmonger Fabrications are specialists in the welding of industrial products, using metal (including stainless steel) and alloys, manufacturing lightweight and high-strength components, providing solutions to many industries. Our skilled welders can weld piping and tubing and work with all grades of stainless steel.

Our coded welders complete projects to high standard and precise specifications, ensuring that pressure piping and structural standards are met. We provide aluminium welding and ensure all welds have a clean, professional look, without poor fusion or over-welding. We can even assist with carbon steel, custom and on-site welding, completing all-sized projects, including balustrades, structural steel, custom gates, framework and all other aspects of metal welding.

Malaga Custom Welding

Our experienced tradespeople can fabricate metal products, (including stainless steel) and alloys and provide industrial solutions. We can provide lightweight, ultra-strength components and although our products are custom made, we also fabricate unique items for clients. We have the equipment, engineering and fabrication expertise, quality materials and design capability to fabricate any metal product to precise specification, including stainless steel.

Other services include crop sprayer tank upgrades, process piping, on-site welding, balustrading and pipe fitting.  Our skilled staff can help you with a crop sprayer tank upgrade, ensuring that pesticides don’t contaminate your crops. They can also assist with process piping, meeting all necessary health and safety standards. Our experienced team can solve processing issues and assist with pipe fitting, balustrading or on-site welding requirements. We aim for customer satisfaction and our finished products regularly exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact Ironmonger Fabrications for accurate, high-quality products and services, welding and metal fabrication.