Metal Fabrication Perth

Ironmonger Fabrications is a custom metal fabrication and welding business. We provide welding and fabrication solutions to industries across Australia, which means we are not just able to provide only one particular type of work, like some other metal fabricators. We can design, machine and also produce a range of systems for various industrial uses, which allows for the construction of complex and high calibre components. Whether it’s for lightweight products, or precision-crafted gears and bearings, we can develop customised fabrication solutions for our clients and their specific challenges, by combining welding and machining capabilities.

Our team are strong with custom metal fabrication, so we are capable of fabricating something unique or working to specific guidelines and specifications. We have the equipment and design capability, the quality materials and the engineering and fabrication expertise, to manufacture most metal product to precise specifications, including stainless steel.


Our experienced staff can process and fabricate to suit client requirements, including cutting, welding and bending. Stainless steel is used for many purposes, including kitchen fit-outs, pharmaceutical equipment and balustrades, to name a few.

Aluminium also has many uses, for example doors and windows, theatre staging and roofing. Ironmonger Fabrications can assist with all metal fabrication, including stainless steel and aluminium fabrication and can provide customised products and service. We specialise in designing fabrication solutions to suit any client and can design, fabricate or modify your equipment for more efficient production.

Malaga Metal Fabrication

We aim for customer satisfaction and quality in every project we undertake, offering the same steadfast and loyal service to all our clients. Our team can deliver expert advice, services and products and provide superior-quality solutions, adapting to the fluctuating demands of fast growing industries.

Our experienced tradespeople provide fabrication solutions for metal (including stainless steel fabrication), through design and innovation. We can design and manage your project, giving you an anxiety-free experience. Contact Ironmonger Fabrications for all your engineering, construction and maintenance needs.